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UNREC internship programme

UNREC offers a limited number of unpaid internships for periods of three months minimum to a maximum of six months. Interns are based in Lomé, Togo, and work full time. Interns assist with research and drafting, as well as with logistical tasks. They are placed under the responsibility of a project/programme coordinator, but are expected to participate in all activities of UNREC.
They are also encouraged to take advantage of the learning opportunities offered in Lomé, for example by attending seminars and briefings.Applicants should demonstrate an interest in disarmament, arms control, peace and security or related issues such as gender, conflict resolution, peacekeeping, security sector reform and small arms control.Interns must be able to work independently and demonstrate initiative and flexibility to effectively benefit from an internship at UNREC.



The objective of the UNREC internship programme is to:

  • provide interns with an opportunity to gain practical work experience related to their academic programme or future work in a field related to UNREC's mission;
  • enable interns to match theoretical knowledge with practical implementation of projects; and
  • enable UNREC programmes to benefit from the work undertaken by interns.


Qualifications and requirements

We are looking for applicants with a background in international relations, security and conflict studies, strategic and defence studies, political science, international law, public policy and administration, or similar.

UNREC also accepts applications from candidates interested in doing internships to support the administration unit and the communications and IT unit. 

To qualify for consideration for an internship the following conditions must be met:

  1. Be enrolled in a graduate school programme (second university degree or equivalent, or higher);
  2. Or be enrolled in the final academic year of a first university degree programme (minimum Bachelor's level or equivalent);
  3. Or have graduated with a university degree as defined in (1) and (2) above;

Candidates who are selected must commence the internship programme either prior to graduation or within one year of graduation from an academic programme as described in (1) and (2). Applicants who are unable to commence the internship within one year of graduation shall not be accepted. Interns must be fluent in English or French and preferably have a good general knowledge of the other language.


Application procedure

There are several internship cycles and applications deadlines. Applicants must apply to be considered for internships two months before the cycle that they are interested in:

  • January-April (applications due 1st November of the preceding year)
  • May-August (applications due 1st March)
  • September-December (applications due 1st July).

Internships are for a minimum period of three months and a maximum period of six months. Applicants must submit the following two documents to be considered:

1.A signed one-page cover letter containing the following information:

  • a description of the applicant's reasons for applying for an internship and the applicant's interest in the issues addressed by UNREC
  • a description of the applicant's work experience and academic qualifications, and
  • the internship cycle that the applicant is applying for (or proposed dates of internship).

2.A curriculum vitae or résumé including the applicant's academic and employment history (if any), relevant research and language proficiency levels. Applicants must also provide the names and contact information of two references. Incomplete applications will not be considered.Applications must be sent either electronically to: mail (at) or by postal mail to: UNREC, B.P. 2705, Lomé, TOGO.

Candidates who apply on-line will receive a confirmation of receipt of the application. However, only those applicants who are being seriously considered will be contacted.


Selected interns

Once selected, interns will be asked to complete and send the following documents:

  • Signed Internship Agreement,
  • Certificate of good health, and
  • Proof of medical insurance valid for Togo.

Interns maintain the same working hours as regular staff while adequate time to deal with personal accommodation and other matters on arrival is agreed from the outset with the Intern's supervisor. 

At the end of the internship assignment an internship attestation is issued to the intern covering the period of internship with UNREC and area of work.


Payment, Liability, Insurance, Visas and Clearance

No provision is made for remuneration of interns and all costs connected with internships must therefore be borne by the interns or their sponsoring institutions or governments, including costs relating to travel, living and accommodation.

UNREC does not accept any responsibility or liability for costs arising from damages, travel, accident and/or illness incurred during an internship.

Obtaining visas is the responsibility of the intern. UNREC will only assist where such intervention is a government requirement.


Subsequent employment by UNREC

United Nations rules provide that interns are not eligible for employment by the organization until six-months after the end of the internship. There is no expectation of paid employment with UNREC after the end of the internship.