It is undeniable that for the last decades, the African continent, strongly supported by the rest of the international community, has made considerable progress in the areas of peace and security. However, major challenges still remain today. Indeed, there are still many African countries that have yet to integrate the various parameters of good governance into their policies, in order to be able to bring about the sustainable development projected by the Millennium Development Goals. We must acknowledge that these countries are experiencing socio-political difficulties and they are weakened by internal conflict, post-conflict or relative peace situations. They need the assistance from programmes such as ASSEREP which have achieved results.



The project's objectives are to enhance mutual trust and respect between civilians and the military through awareness raising campaigns promoting mutual trust and respect between civilians and the military and capacity-building activities designed for the various elements of the civil society as well as the defence and security forces and the parliamentarians.

Key Activities

  1. A national information and awareness raising campaign promoting good relationships between civilians and the military;
  2. A capacity-building workshop for the security forces on the maintenance of law and order in a democratic context, followed by the development and publication of a Guide on Maintenance of Law and Order During Elections by Security Forces;
  3. A capacity-building workshop for armed forces entitled: "The Legal Framework for Military Intervention in a Democratic Context";
  4. A workshop on the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, entitled: "Role of Togolese Women in the Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts";
  5. An awareness session for young leaders, the media, youth and children promoting peace and security;
  6. A capacity-building workshop for Togolese Parliamentarians entitled: “The Parliamentary Control of The Security Sector: An Interactive Needs Assessment of The Defence and Security Commissions of Benin and Togo” ;
  7. A decentralized capacity-building workshop for the Togolese armed forces entitled: "The Legal Framework for Military Intervention in a Democratic Context";
  8. A “workshop of national restitution of the recommendations of Conakry on the role of the sector of security in the security of the electoral processes in west Africa”;  
  9. A seminar on “The specificities and challenges of security and justice sectors reform in francophone Africa”.

Key Outcomes : 

  • An Interdepartmental Working Group was established with full approval and support of the Togolese authorities. It serves as focal point for UNREC’s activities;
  • The level of trust and mutual respect between civilians and the military has definitely been improved;
  • Members of armed and security forces have appropriated principles and rules of good governance;
  • The armed and security forces have been modernized and they demonstrate increased professionalism;
  • Early legislative elections held during the month of October 2007 clearly illustrate the positive effect of the activities of the ASSEREP on the pacification of the Togolese society.

    Reports : Report on security sector reform activities in Togo

        Publications : Guide on the maintenance of law and order by the security forces during elections